50 Quick and Brilliant Teaching Techniques

50 Quick and Brilliant Teaching Techniques

Sometimes you just want something that you know will work. Something someone else has tried out. Something you can slip into your teaching as easy as you like so as to make things better.

We have what you need!

50 Quick and Brilliant Teaching Techniques is a collection of tried and tested techniques, all of which will help you teach better raise achievement and inspire your pupils. The book is easy-to-use, practical and straightforward. It’s filled with great techniques for use across the curriculum and with different age groups. Here’s a sneak peak for you to take a look at:

Praise Hunt

01 Let’s start with praise. Everyone works better when they feel appreciated. Everyone likes to know that someone else thinks they’re doing a good job. Everyone values praise highly when it is genuine, specific and given for a good reason.

Sometimes we don’t think there are many opportunities to praise students. But there are. You just have to hunt them out.

When your pupils are working, walk around the room and see what they are doing; listen to them; read their work. Find things to praise them for, genuinely and precisely. Go on a praise hunt every lesson. Your students will respond; motivation will rise and, so too, will the atmosphere in the room.

Pupils set the Homework

02 Ah, homework. The last frontier of school, wherein the exigencies of the classroom reach out into the world of home, calling insistently to be met by pupils, one and all.

Instead of setting the homework yourself, you can invite your students to set it. Doing this completely changes the idea of what homework is. It stops being an imposition by the teacher and starts being a negotiation.

You might let pupils decide the homework in full, or you might provide them with a range of choices from which to select. Either way, motivation, engagement and a sense of ownership will develop as a result Read Full Article.

You can get hold of 50 Quick and Brilliant Teaching Techniques here. Drop me a line to let me know what you think or write a review. I hope the book gives you everything you need to do an even better job!

Mike Gershon