Services for Local Authorities

Local authorities play an integral role in supporting schools, driving improvement, engaging parents and providing vital services for learners. Mike has extensive experience of working with local authorities throughout the UK to support them in their efforts. Examples of the services Mike provides include:

  • Driving parental engagement and supporting parents to help their children through Mike’s innovative and ground-breaking online course Help Your Child to Learn with Mike Gershon. Regional licenses are available for the course, which gives parents of 5-11 year-olds everything they need to support their child’s learning at home. Wrap-around support packages are also available, including specialist support in engaging hard-to reach groups.
  • Providing bespoke training packages that are delivered across a region to a wide variety of schools. For example, covering topics such as differentiation and equity of access for all learners, supporting EAL learners in mainstream lessons, and embedding stretch and challenge across the curriculum.
  • Creating online training materials that are disseminated to schools across the local authority, helping them to respond to immediate challenges such as changes in government regulations, and to achieve longer-term goals such as the implementation of new assessment frameworks.
  • Providing external assessment and evaluation of improvement plans, monitoring systems and support packages, with an emphasis on teaching and learning.
  • Fully-developed practical solutions to regional challenges identified by local authorities, such as low attainment of specific groups of learners, lack of parental engagement with education or a high proportion of underachieving SEN learners.

Every local authority is different and every local authority finds itself facing different challenges. Mike will spend time getting to know you and your LA, ensuring he has a detailed understanding of your local context. He is then able to call on his extensive experience and unrivalled knowledge of teaching and learning to offer a tailored support package that closely matches your needs.

If you would like to start a conversation with Mike about what support schools, teachers, learners and parents in your local area require, then please get in touch via the contact form.

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