Services for School Groups

Recent years have seen more and more schools joining together into groups, whether that be in the form of multi-academy trusts, federations or affiliations of like-minded institutions. The different organisational structure of school groups often leads to subtly different challenges and opportunities compared to what is faced by individual schools.

Over the past decade, Mike has worked with a wide variety of MATs, federations and school groups, providing a range of services. Here are some examples of what Mike can offer to you and your organisation:

  • Individual and linked CPD training sessions covering different areas of teaching and learning.
  • Keynote addresses for group conferences.
  • School improvement support, working with individual schools or across a range of different schools.
  • Bespoke online training content for specific groups of teachers. For example, NQT induction materials, middle leader training materials, and teaching assistant skill enhancement materials.
  • Group-wide reviews of monitoring and evaluation systems, with an emphasis on the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning.

The first thing Mike does when working with a schools group is take time to get to know how the group functions and what specific challenges it faces. This is a vital first step given the varied landscape in which MATs, federations and other groups find themselves operating.

Once Mike has familiarised himself with your organisation, he will then spend time listening to your needs and gaining a detailed understanding of what you are looking for. Only at this point will he put forward a proposal outlining the services he can offer. Working in this way helps ensure excellent communication between all parties, and makes for highly successful outcomes further down the line.

If you would like to talk to Mike about the services your schools group requires, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form.

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