50 Quick Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Students

50 Quick Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Students

We all know that motivated and engaged students learn more. We also know that teaching is more enjoyable when our pupils are interested in the lesson. But how can we make sure this is the case? How can we ensure that enthusiasm doesn’t flag?

The answers are here! You can find them in my new book, 50 Quick Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Students. I’ve distilled my knowledge and experience down into 50 bite-sized chunks, ready-made for teachers to apply in their own classrooms.

The book is practical, easy-to-use and full of great ideas. Here’s a sample to give you a flavour of what to expect:


01 Smile and the world smiles with you.

Smile in the classroom and your students will start smiling as well.

It’s human nature to respond positively to a smile. Of course, some teenagers may keep up a glum façade; after all, many see it as part of their job! But you don’t need to let this stop you. Keep on smiling and the motivation levels of your class will soon start to spiral upwards.


02 Because laughter is infectious and it makes us feel good. If an opportunity arises to tell a joke or inject a bit of humour, grab hold of it. Share a chuckle with your students and watch how the atmosphere instantly lifts.

You can also use laughter to neutralise tricky situations or downplay the significance of off-task behaviour (in order to draw pupils’ attention away from it and back towards the work).

It is useful to begin and end your lessons with a bit of laughter. This will create engagement and motivation at the start and see students leaving your classroom with a positive memory (increasing the likelihood that when they return next lesson they will recall positive connotations).

You can get hold of 50 Quick Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Students here. Drop me a line to let me know what you think or write a review. I hope the book helps you to engage and motivate all the pupils you teach!

Mike Gershon