50 Quick Ways to Outstanding Teaching

50 Quick Ways to Outstanding Teaching

50 Quick Ways to Outstanding Teaching is the first book in my new Quick 50 Teaching Series. The book is all about those things you need to do to teach outstanding lessons time after time. We all know how difficult this can be, and we all know how much we want to make sure our students are getting the best teaching possible.

So the book is designed to give readers the perfect collection of tips, strategies, techniques and tools. Everything necessary, in fact, to create and teach outstanding lessons day in and day out.

Here’s a little taster to give you a flavour of what’s in store:

Plan, Plan, Plan

01 Planning is the backbone of outstanding teaching. If you plan well, and by that I mean with the needs of your students in mind, you will be much more likely to teach outstanding lessons.

Preparation is a means by which to avoid failure when the heat is on. Good preparation underpins success. This is as true in teaching as in any other walk of life. Planning helps you to ensure the experience pupils have during your lessons is the best one possible.

It is a good idea to prepare lessons well in advance of their delivery date how to reduce weight fast. This will allow you to make tweaks and adaptations based on the information you elicit from your classes. For example, it might be that you need to spend a little longer on a certain topic than you expected. By planning well ahead you can respond more flexibly to such situations than would otherwise be the case.

But Not Too Much

02 Having just extolled the virtues of planning let me add a caveat. Don’t plan too much.

All virtues can slip over into vice if we pay them too much heed. Consider the brave woman who becomes reckless or the prudent man who becomes a miser.

Over-planning stymies flexibility. It can also lead to lessons which are about the planning itself, rather than the learning students are supposed to be doing.

In essence, planning is all about providing yourself with a clear framework which you can use to ensure your pupils make good progress. As such, it should contain enough material to promote great learning but not so much that you are devoting a disproportionate amount of time to it.

You can get hold of 50 Quick Ways to Outstanding Teaching here. Drop me a line to let me know what you think or write a review. I hope the book helps you to teach outstanding lessons!

Mike Gershon