Discussion Training, INSET and CPD

Discussion plays a vital role in every classroom. Whether it’s paired, group or whole-class in nature, discussion gives learners a space in which they can refine, reflect on and analyse their own thinking at the same time as accessing the thinking of others.

Through discussion, learners can engage in verbal rehearsal, helping them to embed key knowledge in their long-term memory at the same time as they develop their understanding of what they think about the topic at issue.

Mike is the author of the highly regarded book, How to Use Discussion in the Classroom: The Complete Guide. He is also the creator of the Discussion Toolkit, a free teacher resource (available on this website and via tes.com), that has been viewed and downloaded more than 140,000 times by teachers in the UK and around the world.

When Mike runs discussion training, the focus of all sessions is highly practical. Teachers who take part get an opportunity to trial a wide range of discussion activities and techniques. Not only does this make for a series of fun and engaging training sessions, but it also helps teachers to experience discussion from the learner’s perspective. This is a crucial aspect of discussion training, as it lets teachers see first-hand the power discussion has, when used well, to support learning and enhance students’ knowledge and understanding.

There are many different areas on which discussion training, INSET and CPD can focus. When a school, college, MAT or LA gets in touch with Mike, he begins by getting a clear sense of what the organisation is looking for from the training, of their teachers’ needs, and where the teaching staff are currently at with their use of discussion. Mike then uses this information to create a set of bespoke discussion training sessions, closely matched to the needs of the client.

Examples of topics on which Mike can focus during discussion training include:

  • Examining the Key Principles of Effective Discussion
  • Structuring Discussion for Maximum Impact
  • Effective Discussion Activities
  • Promoting and Using Verbal Rehearsal in Lessons
  • Scaffolding Discussion to Help All Learners to Contribute
  • Different Types of Talk and Their Role in the Classroom
  • Paired, Group and Whole-Class Discussion: Tools and Techniques
  • Exploring Pre-Built Models for Discussion

Whether you’re looking for full day discussion INSET, half-day training or a twilight CPD session, Mike is happy to develop discussion training to meet the needs of your school or college. Get in touch today and Mike will get back to you by email or phone to discuss your needs.

Example Full Day Discussion INSET

  • Session 1: Learning Through Talking: Putting Discussion at the Centre of Your Lessons
  • Session 2: Planning for Effective and Meaningful Discussion
  • Session 3: Discussion Activities That Work
  • Session 4: Using Verbal Rehearsal to Engage and Enthuse All Learners

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