EAL Training, INSET and CPD

Research tells us that in the UK there are roughly 1.6 million learners who use EAL in maintained schools. That means a significant proportion of the school population speak English as an additional language. The consequence of this is that it has never been more important for schools and teachers to provide the best support possible to ensure EAL learners can access the curriculum and make great progress.

Mike is the author of the popular and highly regarded book How to Teach EAL Learners in the Classroom: The Complete Guide. His free online teacher resource, the EAL Toolkit (available on this website and at tes.com), has been viewed and downloaded more than 285,000 times by teachers in the UK and around the world.

When schools, colleges or local authorities get in touch with Mike for EAL training, the first thing he does is gain a clear understanding of their needs, what they want to achieve from the training and where their staff are currently at in terms of their EAL provision. Some providers look for whole-school training focussing on how teachers and support staff can support EAL learners during whole-class teaching. Other providers ask Mike to focus on specific aspects of EAL support and to work with colleagues whose teaching load is dedicated to supporting EAL learners.

Whatever you are looking for, Mike is happy to create bespoke training, INSET and CPD programmes that meet your needs and, ultimately, the needs of your learners. Examples of some of the areas Mike can cover in EAL training, INSET and CPD include:

  • The Fundamentals of Supporting EAL Learners in Whole-Class Teaching
  • Using Visual Language to Help EAL Learners Access the Curriculum
  • Scaffolding and Modelling for EAL Learners
  • Building EAL Learners’ Resilience
  • Supporting EAL Learners’ Reading and Writing
  • Maximising the Impact of Speaking and Listening for EAL Learners’ Language Development
  • Activities that Support EAL Learners’ Language Acquisition

All Mike’s EAL training, INSET and CPD is highly practical in focus. Teachers and support staff who take part leave with a wide selection of strategies, activities and techniques they can use to enhance their classroom practice and support their EAL learners as effectively as possible.

Whether you’re looking for full day INSET, half-day training or a twilight CPD session, Mike is happy to develop EAL training to meet the needs of your school or college. Get in touch today and Mike will get back to you by email or phone to discuss your needs.

Example Full Day EAL INSET

  • Session 1: Differentiating Effectively for EAL Learners
  • Session 2: Supporting the Development of EAL Learners’ Speaking and Listening
  • Session 3: Helping EAL Learners Enhance their Reading and Writing
  • Session 4: Building EAL Learners Resilience and Willingness to Embrace Challenge

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