Growth Mindsets Training, INSET and CPD

Mike is the author of the bestselling book How to Develop Growth Mindsets in the Classroom: The Complete Guide and co-author of the bestselling Growth Mindsets Pocketbook, with Professor Barry Hymer.

He has extensive and detailed knowledge of growth mindsets research, including recent developments in the field, as well as a vast array of practical tools and techniques teachers and school leaders can use to embed, develop and promote growth mindsets in individual classrooms and across a school.

When Mike delivers growth mindsets training, he helps teachers to think deeply about their own mindsets, as well as those of their learners. Part of the training involves thinking critically about some of the core beliefs we all possess about learning, intelligence and talent, and exploring how these beliefs can influence our actions and self-perceptions.

Mike also ensures that every growth mindset training, INSET or CPD he runs addresses the key myths and misconceptions that have arisen around growth mindsets. For Mike, growth mindsets is not a magic bullet. At its heart, however, is a way of thinking about and analysing the language, beliefs and thoughts that influence how learners behave in the classroom, how they interact with learning, and how they perceive themselves as learners.

As well as looking at growth mindsets research and theory, Mike will spend a good deal of time working with you, your teachers and your support staff on practical strategies and techniques you can use to promote growth mindsets to your learners. Areas that Mike covers include:

  • Getting the Language Right: Growth Mindset Language in the Classroom
  • Good Mistakes: Changing Learner Perceptions of Mistakes and Failure
  • Focussing on the Process: Developing Metacognitive Engagement with Learning
  • Establishing a Culture of Challenge: Making High Challenge the Norm
  • Reframing Thinking: Helping Learners Adapt and Modify Their Attitudes to Learning
  • Growth Mindsets Feedback: Refining Teacher Feedback and Improving Learner Responses
  • Effort is a Vector: Targeting Learner Effort for Maximum Impact

Whether you’re looking for full day INSET, half-day training or a twilight CPD session, Mike is happy to develop growth mindsets training to meet the needs of your school or college. Get in touch today and Mike will get back to you by email or phone to discuss your needs.

Example Full Day Growth Mindsets INSET

  • Session 1: Growth Mindsets: Putting Theory into Practice
  • Session 2: Getting the Language Right and Changing Learner Self-Perceptions
  • Session 3: Rethinking Mistakes and Failure in a High Challenge Classroom
  • Session 4: Embedding Growth Mindset Thinking Over the Long-Term

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