Questioning Training, INSET and CPD

What’s in a question? For teachers, a great deal.

In the classroom, we use questioning all the time to drive learning, provoke responses and challenge thinking. Research suggests teachers ask, on average, 400 questions a day. Over the course of a 30-year career in the classroom, that equates to upwards of 2 million questions.

Questioning training, INSET and CPD is all about helping teachers to think critically about their questioning. It’s about giving teachers the tools and techniques they can use to enhance and develop their questioning, so it promotes better learning, stronger outcomes, and deeper thinking.

Mike is the author of the bestselling book, How to Use Questioning in the Classroom: The Complete Guide. His online questioning resources, which you can access on this website and via, have been viewed and downloaded more than 370,000 times by teachers in the UK and around the world.

When a school or college first gets in touch with Mike to discuss questioning training, he always begins by gaining a clear understanding of what the school or college’s needs are, where they are currently at, and what level their staff are working at when it comes to classroom questioning.

Armed with this information, Mike then develops a bespoke set of sessions that form the basis of the questioning training, INSET or CPD, closely matching the needs of the school or college.

Mike’s training always includes a large practical element, reflecting the fact that teaching is a practical business. He aims for an 80/20 split. That is, eighty percent practice and twenty percent theory. This means teachers leave Mike’s questioning training, INSET or CPD armed with a wide range of strategies, activities and techniques they can immediately put to work in their own classrooms.

In addition, all sessions are interactive. Teachers have plenty of opportunities to discuss ideas, reflect on their practice and try out new strategies, activities and techniques.

As well as exploring the nature of questions and the way in which learners perceive and interpret questions, Mike’s questioning training, INSET and CPD covers practical techniques such as:

  • Distancing
  • Questioning Structuring Tools
  • Using Taxonomies as Frameworks for Questioning
  • Inverting Questions
  • Questioning and Practice Testing
  • Hinge Questioning and Diagnostic Questioning
  • Question-Driven Activities
  • Socratic Questioning
  • Helping Learners to ask Great Questions
  • Eliciting Responses
  • Using Concrete Scaffolding to Support Questioning

Whether you’re looking for full day INSET, half-day training or a twilight CPD session, Mike is happy to develop questioning training to meet the needs of your school or college. Get in touch today and Mike will get back to you by email or phone to discuss your needs.

Example Full Day Questioning INSET

  • Session 1: Understanding the Underlying Structure of Questions
  • Session 2: Questioning Strategies and Techniques for Whole-Class Teaching
  • Session 3: Eliciting High Quality Responses from All Learners
  • Session 4: Using Questioning to Embed Formative Assessment

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