Fantastic [The Feedback Compendium]! The self-assessment statements are particularly helpful, as my goal this year is to help students manage their learning as independent learners. A lot of thought has gone into this resource. Many thanks.

Fantastic [The Peer- and Self-Assessment Guide]. An excellent range of ideas – if you can’t read through the slides and find one idea that you haven’t already tried, I’d be very surprised!

An incredibly versatile and flexible document [The Whole-Class Feedback Guide]. Is there room in Mike’s head for stuff that’s not teaching and learning (that’s a compliment)?

This [Make your own AFL Box] is such a great idea – many thanks for sharing. I have used and shared all of your wonderful resources for a long time, and am very appreciative of your wonderful work and great generosity.

This [The Differentiation Deviser] is excellent. I have placed it in the Staff resources folder on the school’s network. I think that everyone should benefit from reading it. Thank you!

Fantastic resource [The Differentiation Deviser] which is packed with excellent ideas. Thank you!

Oh! This [Plenaries on a Plate] is just genius!! My life, quite frankly, is complete!! Thank you 🙂

Very impressed with the PPT [The Essay Writing Toolkit] – You’ve covered everything students should consider and more. Like the Hume quote and your first two references as well.

Superb [Plenaries on a Plate]! And so easy to use. Thank you very much for making my teaching a lot easier!

This [The Challenge Toolkit] is a brilliant way of engaging young minds and developing their thinking skills. Thank you so much for this.

Mike Gershon