This [The Challenge Toolkit] is thought-provoking, inspirational and has given me some much needed motivation. Thank you very, very much for this excellent resource. It’s very generous of you.

This [The EAL Toolkit] is going to be extremely useful for some of the students in my class who have EAL needs. Many thanks for producing a resource that I will be able to use for all of my EAL learners to help them acquire the English language. Great resource!!!

This [The EAL Toolkit] is fantastic! Thank you so much! What a great set of useful and practical information.

This [The Starter Generator] is such a brilliant resource! Thank you ever so much for uploading it. It will save so much time and make my lessons interesting too! I’m very grateful.

In a word, Excellent, or Outstanding. [The Starter Generator is] a must have for all teachers.

This [The Bloom-Buster] is the best guide that I have ever seen. It’s a fantastic aid to classroom questioning and works whether you’re into/understand Bloom’s or not. Thank you!

This [The Bloom-Buster] makes questioning an art form and ultimately a learning experience. Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely fantastic [The Discussion Toolkit]. Have tried out some of these activities and seen a real improvement in the quality of talk which has lead into some quality writing. Thank you so much. I have also shared these with other members of staff and they have been ‘having a go’ with great results.

An absolutely super bank of ideas [The Plenary Producer] which could be used in many ways with a range of ages and abilities. Thank you for sharing this!

Absolutely amazing! This [The Plenary Producer] will really support me in my role as a Quality Improvement Practitioner.

Mike Gershon