Literacy Across the Curriculum: Building Learning Power

Literacy Across the Curriculum: Building Learning Power

Course Synopsis:

Literacy is the cornerstone of successful learning. Students who can read, write, speak and listen effectively are far more likely to achieve great outcomes than those who can’t. In any school, every teacher is a teacher of literacy.

Mike’s inspirational half-day or full-day sessions on literacy across the curriculum offer a practical, engaging overview of the topic and demonstrate how to embed outstanding practice in any lesson.

By looking at and experiencing practical examples, participants gain a deep understanding of the nature of literacy and what they can do to support every student they teach. Mike empowers teachers to become expert literacy practitioners in their own classrooms, regardless of their subject.

Author of nine bestsellers, including ‘How to use Differentiation in the Classroom: The Complete Guide’ and ‘50 Quick and Easy Ways to Outstanding Teaching,’ Mike is also the creator of some of the world’s most popular teaching and learning resources. His guides to great practice have been viewed and downloaded more than 2.5 million times by teachers across the world.

Book today to raise literacy levels and build learning power in your school.

Key Benefits:

  • How to approach literacy in any lesson
  • Step-by-step guide to embedding outstanding practice
  • Ready-to-use activities, strategies and techniques

Practical Features:

  • Practical measures for improving writing across the board
  • Discussion techniques which push students’ thinking
  • Techniques and strategies to improve reading
  • Learn how to use speaking and listening to develop writing
  • Effective approaches for supporting less-able pupils

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