Differentiation Training, INSET and CPD

Effective differentiation is synonymous with high quality teaching. If teachers are catering to the needs of all their learners, and doing so effectively, then we know the classroom is likely to be a happy place, and one where all learners are making great progress.

Yet so many myths about differentiation abound. The myth that it always requires additional resources. The myth that it means planning three different lessons and trying to teach them simultaneously. And the myth that to differentiate effectively, you need to massively increase your workload.

Mike’s differentiation training puts these myths to bed and gives teachers a clear, unambiguous understanding of what differentiation is, how it works and what teachers can do to make effective differentiation a reality in their classrooms.

Building on the work that underpins his bestselling book, How to Use Differentiation in the Classroom: The Complete Guide, Mike presents a straightforward, easy-to-use definition of differentiation, alongside a clear explanation of what this means in practical terms.

One of the key points Mike emphasises in all his differentiation training, is that differentiation is never something we add onto a lesson, or something we inject into our planning. Rather, differentiation is about the choices teachers make during all three phases: planning, teaching and assessment.

So much effective differentiation is driven by how the teacher structures their lessons and how they then use themselves and their time in the classroom, while the lesson is in progress. That’s why effective differentiation encompasses other aspects of teaching and learning, such as questioning, feedback, scaffolding, modelling and the use of taxonomies.

When a school or college gets in touch with Mike to discuss differentiation training, INSET or CPD, the first thing Mike does is gain a clear understanding of their needs, where they are currently at with differentiation, and what they want to achieve from the training. He then uses this to create a set of sessions that closely match the school or college’s needs, and which are also pitched at the right level for their staff.

Mike’s training always includes a large practical element, reflecting the fact that teaching is a practical business. He aims for an 80/20 split. That is, eighty percent practice and twenty percent theory. This means teachers leave Mike’s differentiation training, INSET or CPD armed with a wide range of strategies, activities and techniques they can immediately put to work in their classrooms.

In addition, all sessions are interactive. Teachers have plenty of opportunities to discuss ideas, reflect on their own practice and try out new strategies, activities and techniques themselves.

Whether you’re looking for full day INSET, half-day training or a twilight CPD session, Mike is happy to develop differentiation training to meet the needs of your school or college. Get in touch today and Mike will get back to you by email or phone to discuss your needs.

Example Full Day Differentiation INSET

  • Session 1: Rethinking Differentiation and Differentiated Questioning
  • Session 2: Scaffolding, Modelling and Working Memory
  • Session 3: Using Taxonomies to Differentiate for All Learners
  • Session 4: Differentiating Through Feedback and Metacognition

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